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Guest Post: Evan Longoria is Selling His Parents' Scottsdale, Arizona Vacation Home

Evan Longoria, the star Tampa Bay Rays third baseman, is selling his parents’ rather unique vacation house located in Scottsdale, Arizona for just under a million dollars. The Tuscan architecture of this 4-bedroom 3,824-square-foot pad makes this gem stand out as it is a style not often seen in the area. With mountain views, a gym, coffered and vaulted ceilings and masonry in every bedroom, there is no way this house stays on the market for long. The only question is, how is Evan Longoria going to top this one when he buys his parents’ their next vacation home?
I have a feeling Evan and his parents will be just fine.  In 2012 Longoria signed a six-year 100 million dollar contract which includes a team option for 2023 that could make the deal worth 144.6 million dollars over 11 years. As if that weren’t enough for him to buy his parents a mega-mansion, Longoria’s contract included a $5,000,180 signing bonus. With that kind of salary, this vacation house may have just been a “starter” home.