What is RateGator?

We are the world’s first auction-style mortgage marketplace where borrowers, not banks, set the rate they want to pay. Think of us as the StubHub for mortgages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely nothing. The service is free for borrowers.

When you put your offer on RateGator, lenders have the option to either accept your offer or – if multiple lenders are interested in working with you – submit a counteroffer with better terms. By using market forces similar to those seen at a traditional auction, RateGator’s marketplace drives down interest rates by making lenders lower their rates for the best chance to win the auction. This ensures that you only get in contact with the loan officer that is willing to offer the best rate and terms.

No. RateGator is not a mortgage lender, but many lenders use our site.

When loan officers see your profile on our platform, we remove an information (like your name, email address, and zip code) that could be used to identify your racial, ethnic, religious background, or country of origin. This ensures that loan officers are only able to consider the financial information that matters when determining whether to accept your offer – greatly decreasing the possibility that a loan officer might consciously or subconsciously discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, country of origin, religious background, or redline based which neighborhood you live in.

RateGator is an online mortgage marketplace - think about us like the StubHub for mortgages. Unlike LendingTree and similar lead generation websites, RateGator does not sell your information to multiple lenders and third party lead brokers who then call and email you repeatedly each day. We believe that it is important to protect your information. Consequently, you can expect to only be contacted by one lender; the one that is offering you the best rate.

Shortly after building your profile, one of our account representatives will contact you to ensure the accuracy of your information. Your anonymous profile and offer will then be placed onto our mortgage marketplace where it will be seen by lenders can bid to give you the best rate.

How long does it usually take for my offer to be accepted?

You are under no obligation from RateGator to accept a loan offer that is presented to you.

If your offer is not accepted, we will notify you as soon as possible to give you the option to remain in the marketplace. You may return to your profile and update your information at any time. We are always adding new lenders to our platform that may be able to meet your needs.

At this time, the RateGator platform is only available for those looking to purchase within the United States.

Yes. We strive to include only the best loan officers on our platform. Prior to becoming an approved lender, all loan officers must go through a screening process.

To request an application, please send an inquiry to info@rategator.com. Please include your name, phone number, and NMLS ID.

We are always looking for fresh new talent. Drop us a line at careers@rategator.com.

For technical support, contact your account representative directly or email us at info@rategator.com.

We take your privacy very seriously, which is why we make your profile anonymous until your offer is accepted by a loan officer.

Your anonymous profile is only viewable by our approved lenders. Once your offer is accepted, only the loan officer with the best rate and terms will be able to view your full profile.

We are currently working on making the website experience as solid as possible. After the website is rocking and rolling, we will be looking to move into other platforms.